An increasingly popular way of taking care of your pets and home is to use natural and homemade or DIY products. These products can be easy to make, but their long-term effectiveness can leave something to be desired. If you are looking for a solution for issues such as flea control for your home and pets, then green or chemical free professional options may be ideal. Here are a few of the benefits to using green professional pest control over DIY methods.

Full Service Pest Treatment

When you create a DIY option for flea control, it generally handles only one area at a time. For example, it may help with fleas on your pets or with removal from the carpet. What the DIY solution does not usually take care of is killing the flea eggs or of multiple areas throughout the home and landscape. A professional service can offer flea removal services that span the indoor and outdoor areas of your home as well as kill any eggs and help reduce chances of the fleas coming back.

Chemical Free Spraying

One of the many services you will find with pest control, and especially flea control, is having the exterior border of the house sprayed. You may also find services that will spray the interior borders and basement areas of the home as well. This spray is often a chemical that may be harsh to your environment until it dries. If you go with a green professional pest control service, they will offer chemical-free alternatives to do this while still helping to create a barrier that will kill any fleas or their eggs.

Indoor and Outdoor Flea Traps

Flea traps attract the fleas and kill them when they enter the area. These traps are usually sticky and can be harmful if found by a pet or child. Alternative DIY methods tend to be just as dangerous and can cause vomiting in children or animals, even when they are natural or made from traditional household items. A professional can set traps that are not easily found, some of which go into small garden style spikes in the ground around the home. These traps capture the fleas inside and hold them there until the traps are removed and replaced.

These are just a few of the benefits to using professional green flea control instead of DIY methods. If using a professional for your flea issue sounds ideal, contact your local pest control office. They can help with your chemical free and green choices for the pest issue and with ongoing preventative maintenance to reduce the chances of the infestation happening again.

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