Fleas and bedbugs are some of the most common types of vermin which you find in motel rooms. They are common because of the high traffic of people from different locations and the frequency with which they bring in the pests. Even the cleanest and most well-maintained hotels can suffer a flea infestation. If you are having this problem, you need to think about getting experts to help you deal with the problem before it starts driving visitors away. Below are steps to follow before you get the experts involved.

Stripping down

The first step in getting rid of a flea infestation should be the removal of all the bedding and other upholstery which fleas hide in. You could decide to do this room by room or have the place closed down for a day or two so that the cleaning can be systematic and successful. Check the corners of the mattresses and all other hiding places. This will help you figure out all the pest hide-outs and note the corners that you will focus on when cleaning and removing the pests.

Killing the bugs

There are several cleaning mechanisms which you can use to remove bugs from commercial establishments such as hotels. First, sprinkle some diatomaceous earth on the bed and leave it as is for a few hours. With time, it will work in killing the fleas and you can proceed with regular cleaning. A solution with cedar essential oil could also be sprayed on the bed and the other surfaces to kill the fleas. Allow it to sit for a while before cleaning it up. Thirdly, you can simply use anti-bacterial and disinfectant soap to spray on the mattress and bedding. Make sure the insecticide you use contains pyrethrin, a compound which is very effective in killing fleas.

The luggage

Most hotels struggle with an endless pest infestation because no matter how hard they try to clean the premises, they always leave some on the luggage and it is re-introduced back to the room and the system. New luggage should be wrapped in plastic to prevent fleas from hopping onto it.

If these simple cleaning and maintenance tips do not work in getting rid of pests in the motel environment, it is time to think about inviting a professional who offers commercial pest control services. They will look at the extent of the problem and come up with the best way to eliminate the bugs and keep them from coming back.