The fear of spiders is one of the most common phobias involving pests. In general, most of the spiders found in homes are harmless. However, they can cause a lot of distress for people who are afraid of them. There are also some venomous spiders in the country such as red-back and white-tail spiders. Certain individuals will have extremely adverse reactions when in contact with such arachnids.

Regardless of your concern, proper control of spiders is essential for the comfort and safety of your loved ones. If you have been experiencing spider problems in your home, you should consider these simple tips for spider extermination and preventing an infestation.

Clean the House

Your home will be more comfortable for spiders if there are numerous places to hide. Therefore, if you would like to keep your house free of these eight-legged creatures, you should clean up the space and keep your items neat. You should de-clutter your rooms, particularly the storage spaces. Eliminate any useless item with could allow spiders to remain hidden. If you have cardboard boxes, you should replace them with plastic ones. The smooth plastic surfaces will discourage the movement and habitation of spiders.

Eliminate Webs

You should check your home for spider webs on a regular basis. These structures normally indicate the presence of some arachnids on your property. Removing these webs will discourage the spiders from settling in your rooms because there will be no way to capture food. Also, webs can be an eyesore; they ruin the aesthetics of the interior space. When clearing the webs, you should clean the affected area thoroughly to eliminate egg sacs.

Seal Points of Entry

You should protect your home from spiders by preventing their entry into your building. There are some simple methods for excluding these creatures, and the measures will also prevent the entry of harmful insects and rodents. You should install flyscreens over your windows and doors to prevent the entry of spiders when these features are open.  You should check for cracking around windows and pipes and in the foundation. Seal these openings with caulking for optimal protection.

Get Rid of Insects

Finally, you should eliminate the source of food for the spiders in your house. These pests primarily feed on insects; you should find a way to prevent bugs from living in your building. In most cases, insects will enter the home at night because of light. Therefore, you should install opaque shades. If there are already insects in the building, use insecticide and traps.