Not many things are as jarring as opening a cupboard and seeing a horde of cockroaches trying to scurry out of sight. Experiencing this can put you in a cleaning frenzy to ensure that your home is spotless. However, it is great misassumption people have that cockroaches only thrive in filthy environments. In fact, these pests are quite resilient as they can survive on minimal food scraps. Therefore, it would be fundamental to try your best to ensure that you do not develop an infestation in the first place as your course of action would be hiring pest management services to make your home free of these critters. Fortunately, here are a couple of tips that can come in handy in making sure that your home is not at risk of a roach infestation.

Tip 1: Do not provide any sources of food

As with most household pests, cockroaches would need sustenance for their colony to survive. Nonetheless, this nourishment does not have to be abundant. Any food sources such as trash, crumbs and more would be sufficient for their nutrition and in turn, would enable them to breed. The only way you can be assured that the cockroaches would not cohabit your home with, you would be to eliminate any potential food sources before they discover them. For starters, all stored food should be in airtight containers that cannot be breached by these insects. Secondly, spills and food preparation surfaced should be cleared immediately, or the scraps would attract these critters.  Water can also be considered as a source of food so make sure you do not have any standing puddles in and around your property. Lastly, get rid of your trash in bags that can be sealed tight.

Tip 2: Plug all crevices and cracks on the premises

Cockroaches do not miraculously appear in your home, and neither do they walk in through the front door. Instead, they will find access points in the form of splits in your baseboards, cracks in your walls, holes in your foundation and any other gaps that allow them to make their way indoors. It is imperative for homeowners to carry out routine inspections of their premises so they can find these potential entry points and have them sealed up before you find an infestation on your hands. You could do this as a DIY project by caulking all crevices, but it would also be advisable to hire a professional contractor to seal your entire home against critters.